Life Is Too Short To Not Do Things You Love Doing

I love the colour purple - not the movie - well yes, the movie too - but the colour.  And Everybody who knows me, knows this


I love meeting new people and hearing their stories


My new favorite home style is Mid-Century Modern


I love houses - old and new - and bringing people and houses together


I love sending, and receiving, cards -  the old fashioned way - in the mail.


I love everything about Christmas.   Especially decorating the tree


I love creatively wrapping presents - big bows, shiny paper, bobbles. 


I like tinted ceilings, wide mouldings, dark accent walls, and hardwood floors..and I like to break the rules when it comes to using them in small spaces.


I love the black and white movies of the 40’s - my favorite is “It’s A Wonderful Life”  (did I tell you how much I love Christmas).  I also love the Wizard of Oz - coloured or black & white


I am addicted to sour candies - but they need to be frozen.  


I like to cook but seldom do.  I prefer to make hors d'oeuvres and desserts.  I am working to perfect the best key lime pie


I think I can dance.  


I know I can’t sing but I will anyway.   I think I know the words of songs though I can’t tell you who sang the song


I wear glasses.   My motto: “if I have to wear glasses, you might as well see them”.


I wear chunky jewellery.  I like unusual artful pieces - antique and retro broaches


My wedding song was “Is This Love?” by Bob Marley - playing on a boom-box on a beach on a Caribbean island


Seriously serious about doing the right thing.  Seriously? Seriously!  Ask anyone.


Love to laugh.  At a good joke.  At myself.  At situations.


My favorite quote:  Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable - the Wizard of Oz


I treasure good people and value honesty.


I am a beach person - jumping the waves, watching the sunset - but don't like sand stuck to me or swallowing large amounts of water, but then who does.